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Negative Reviews

Negative reviews will not damage your reputation anymore because nobody will find them in the overwhelming flow of positive content.


Dominate the world’s biggest search engines & social media platforms to make sure your ideal customers always find you in the best possible light.


Websites, social media & search engines – as long as your customer is using the internet, you’ll be IMPOSSIBLE to ignore.

How Does It Work?

Fix Online Reputation

Improve your online reputation by promoting positive content & devaluate the negative.

Build Social Presence

Get exposure on all of your most important online platforms.

Create Best PRs

Build exposure on the best PRs in your niche.

Brand Protection

Protect your brand by intercepting negative content & bad reviews!

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Tomaz Rodica

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Erik Zorn

Co-Founder, Online Reputation Management

Mitja Dolinsek

Co-Founder, Head of Online Marketing

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Success Stories

Awesome. Fantastic tips. Mitja, thank you again for your time and some really good golden nuggets. Chris Winters

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Kallzu

Mitja is a skilled SEO professional who I met in a highly recommended closed Facebook group of professionals and entrepreneurs to grow and accelerate their business through proven business strategies and innovations through digital and social media. Mitja as an SEO expert helped me establish position my company for increased sales. I highly recommend Mitja to any professional who’s seeking a boost and an increased presence for their company profile. Troy Fabien

Commercial & Hospitality Broker at Miami Assets Realty, Miami Assets Realty

When somebody puts in that extra effort and wants it – it is very very clear! It’s obvious to me that Mitja Dolinšek is one of these people. He is extraordinary. One of the most important things, when you choose whom to work with, is their dedication and Mitja Dolinšek has that dedication Matt Pocius

The Youngest Highest Paid Internet Marketing Consultant In The World, My First Million Mentor

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